Army Aviation Heritage Foundation

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the aviation history of the US Army. It is located at 506 Speedway Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228. Its volunteers are primarily military members and veterans who fly, maintain, and display aircraft from the Vietnam Era. The AAHF also hosts educational events, helicopter rides, and flying presentations to educate the public. 

There are currently three USAF TRS squadrons named for famous US Army fighter planes. These squadrons include the USAF 347th TFW, the 309th TFS, and the 4th TFW. They were all part of the United States Air Force during World War II, and many of their planes were lost in crashes near Da Nang AB.

AH-1F aircraft were used during the Vietnam War. The AH-1F was a versatile transport aircraft that could carry supplies, soldiers, and heavy equipment. It could also perform aerial photography and videography. Many of these aircraft were used to protect important locations during the conflict. The AH-1F was a great asset to the US Air Force. Also, be sure to check this out.

AH-1F aircraft are preserved at several locations. One aircraft is in the Fort Drum museum. Another is at the Israeli Air Force. AH-1F aircraft were deployed to Korea and South Vietnam. One AH-1F was shot down on Dec. 5, 1971. It is now part of a museum that honors the history of these aircraft. Click here for more.

Two other aircraft are also part of the collection. The RF-104G LOROP, 14888, was lost during a weapons delivery mission. The aircraft was operated as BB+251, 24+56, and AF-4398, among others. It was also modified to become the RF-104G. It was also assigned to Luke AFB.

The aircraft is assigned to the 17th Cavalry Regiment Ruthless Riders. During its mission, it was shot down while flying low. The crew, despite a nearly severed leg, managed to crash land it. It was later recovered after a successful recovery mission. A replica of the aircraft was built and flown.