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Don't Let a Broken Heat Pump Disrupt Your Family's
Comfort This Winter

Heat pump repair in Decatur, GA, can help you to warm up quickly. Your heat pump plays a critical role in maintaining the comfort of your home throughout the winter months. When there's a problem with yours, such as a lack of heating or poor consistency, it could make for some pretty cold days and high energy bills.

A malfunctioning heat pump can make your home less comfortable but can also put the home at risk of frozen pipes. It may impact some people who are sensitive to temperatures, as well. Even if it's working sometimes, if there's a lack of consistency, that's a warning that bigger problems could be coming.

heat pump repair decatur mcdonough atlanta

With timely heat pump service and routine heat pump maintenance, it's possible to keep your system operating efficiently so you can remain warm. Contact our expert heat pump technicians at My Aire Heating and Cooling for heater repair services in Decatur, McDonough, and the entire Greater Atlanta area now at 770-818-6095.

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Most Common Heat Pump Problems Encountered By Homeowners

Though most are reliable long-term, heat pumps, along with your air conditioning and other HVAC system parts, can break down from time to time. The sooner you seek repairs, the better. Some of the most common reasons to call a heat pump repair service specialist include:

  • Inadequate heating: It seems like the system is heating, but your home remains cold.
  • Loud sounds, squeals, or other sounds that seem odd: These out-of-place sounds indicate belts or other components are not operating properly.
  • Frequent cycling: Turning on and off frequently could indicate a problem with the thermostat or the heating components.
heating tune up

When your heating system isn't reliable, several factors could be the culprit for your heat pump problem. Sometimes, a system is simply older, with worn parts and components that no longer operate as they should. Other times, a worn-down component needs to be replaced.

Routine heat pump maintenance is a big factor in failures, too. If you do not have your heating system maintained on a consistent basis, which should be at least annually, that could lead to early breakdowns and failures. At My Aire Heating and Cooling, our team can offer solutions for all of these needs.

If you've noticed any changes in your air quality, comfort, or system function, schedule heat pump repairs with our team now. Ask us about our maintenance plans to help reduce the risk of breakdowns. Call us at 770-818-6095 to request a service call.

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Basic Troubleshooting and Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

If you take a bit of time to learn more about how your heat pump system works, you may be able to pinpoint what's wrong with it or causing it to be inefficient. Consider a few troubleshooting steps to take before you call a professional HVAC contractor for repairs:

1.  Your heat pump is constantly running

If the system seems to be running nonstop, start with the thermostat. Ensure it's programmed, is operational, and is responding to you changing the temperature. Replacing a thermostat isn't hard to do.

2. There's no power getting to your heat pump

In this situation, start by checking the breaker for the heat pump. If it's tripped, that's the cause. If it's operational, it's time to call an HVAC system repair professional to request service to determine why your system has failed.

3. High energy bills

If you've noticed that your energy bills are increasing while the weather isn't, you may need to clean your air filters. When clogged, they make it much harder for the heat pump to work. If that's not the problem, it may be time to consider replacing your old system with a more energy-efficient heating system instead.

4. The heat pump is not cooling

This isn't something you want to put off. If the system isn't cooling down, it may be due to the outdoor unit being blocked and too little airflow occurring. Clean away debris here, and then call a professional heat pump installation and repair company.

heat pump repair and maintenance

Keep these maintenance tips in mind to extend the life of your heat pump:

  • Always change or clean your air filters on a consistent basis. Depending on the environment, this should be done every month to every three months.
  • Ensure your thermostat is calibrated properly. Choose a programmable version for the best results.
  • Have the system professionally inspected at least one time a year.

There's nothing more important than hiring a professional to help you get your heat pump running properly. Call My Aire Heating and Cooling for immediate support if you're still struggling. You can reach our local HVAC service technicians at 770-818-6095 to request assistance or emergency service.

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Decatur and Atlanta's Most Reliable Heat Pump Repair Technicians

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As a trusted, local HVAC services provider, you can depend on My Aire Heating and Cooling. Our highly trained and NATE-certified heat pump repair technicians can help you get your system back up and running quickly, alleviating your frustrations and restoring your home to a comfortable environment.

Our air conditioning, indoor air quality, and heating repair team is available right now. Call us for an appointment at 770-818-6095  and warm up with us in no time.

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