Newman Wetlands Center

The Newman Wetlands Center is a wonderful educational facility that educates the public about wetlands conservation and inspires action in the community. It is located at 2755 Freeman Rd, Hampton, GA 30228.  Learn more about Hampton and McDonough here.

The center offers exhibits, a picnic area, and a nature trail for visitors to explore. It is handicap accessible and stroller-friendly, and admission is free. The center is open every day from 9am to 5pm

The Newman Wetlands Center is located at 2755 Freeman Road in Hampton. The wetlands here are home to several bird species and other wildlife. You may even spot a deer or a beaver. Regardless of your interests, you are sure to find something to enjoy at the center.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their families and friends to experience nature at Newman Wetlands Center. The center also offers guided tours and private events throughout the year. There are two boardwalk trails available for visitors to explore. The Boardwalk Trail is approximately 0.59 miles long and is made up of crushed gravel. The Turkey Ridge Trail is about 0.21 miles long, and has water bars and a boardwalk.

The Newman Wetlands Center is a place for the community to experience nature and enjoy the outdoors. Visitors can take a nature walk or take a guided tour of the center. There is a beautiful wetland surrounding the center, and it is full of wildlife. You will also find opportunities for photography and learning along the way. The center also hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

The Newman Wetlands Center features an 800-meter raised boardwalk and a crushed stone path that highlights the local wildlife. Visitors can also hike through the trails to observe other wildlife. This facility is only 20 minutes away from Stockbridge. There are three designated handicap parking spots, and visitors can borrow wheelchairs.