The Griffin Auditorium

The Griffin Auditorium is a unique venue for live performance. Its design features two prosceniums, a balcony front made of plywood panels, and ceilings topped with wood panels. These panels are acoustically engineered to deliver a clear, full sound to the auditorium. The architecture is reminiscent of a miniature opera house.

The Griffin Auditorium is located at 234 E Taylor St, Griffin, GA 30224. It is a venue for live performances of all genres. If you are a fan of a particular genre, you can sign up for Songkick to be notified when concerts are held at the venue.

The Griffin area has a thriving arts community. A group called the Griffin Area Arts Alliance has helped restore the 1,100-seat Griffin Auditorium. The organization hosts many local performing groups and events, including the yearly four-concert series of the Griffin Community Concert Association. The Griffin Ballet Theatre produces an annual production of "The Nutcracker" and other performances throughout the year.

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Dual enrollment students who wish to attend GRCCA events should meet at the commons by the gym entrance door at the bell. Afterward, they should board the bus to GRCCA. After the bell rings, students will have the opportunity to listen to presentations about the Griffin High School Theater's One Act competition and the Musical competition. Click for more

The Griffin Foundation has also donated millions of dollars to various worthwhile organizations. These include Project H.O.O.D., which brings people together in a bid to combat violence and hopelessness. It has been reported that Griffin is a top donor to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who preaches division and has shipped Venezuelan migrants to the Martha's Vineyard.

During the 2010 Video Music Awards, the band Linkin Park performed a short set for 1,000 fans. The band's song, "The Catalyst", was screened on the show. It was also featured in a Beatles Anthology video. This historic venue has played host to many popular concerts.

During the week of December 11, there will be a canned food drive. Students who bring the most canned goods will win a free breakfast from the Beta Club. Those interested in joining the HOSA chapter should attend a mandatory meeting in Ms. Lee's room on Wednesday December 12th at 3:30pm.